Danica (petitechouchou) wrote,

why does hollywood <3 slavery so much?

This is hard for me to admit, (because I'm a bit of a film nut,) but I watched Gone With The Wind for the first time today.

Well, ah do declare, Ms. Scarlet O'Hara!

Wow, lets bitch and complain about the fall of a "beautiful and glorious civilization", (the Old South, if you're confused,) to the hands of "cruel and vicious yankees" who want to destroy "our honuh". Lets get ALLL nostalgic about the days of chivalry and suthun livin and show all those happy darkies whistlin' and actin' happy as clams workin' those GLORIOUS cotton fields.
Next, lets take a selfish sociopath and make her the glamorous heroine of the film! Sure! She'll have an unhealthy obsession with a man who doesn't love her over at least 10 years, and of course this will lead to the deaths and broken hearts of oh, at least 5 men. All in the name of love, of course. Enter the debonaire Rhett Butler (the only man worthy of my virtue in this movie.) Selfish and cold just like Scarlet- he loves her so! But of course Scarlette is too horrible of a person to realize she loves him, (even after they've done it at least twice, once cuz he WIFE RAPED HER, which is of course acceptable,) until even more good people die and Rhett has had enough.

Along the way, there's plenty of satisfyingly racist "yessuh mastah suh's" and "gee suh, you wants to give me uh muuule? and ah don't know what i'm lixta do if i can votee! i don't even want tuh be free, suh! i's just a negro!" moments that will leave you nostalgic for the old, wunduhful south and plantation life. None of that white trash like what Georgia has now.

This is coming from someone who's greatgrandmother owned a plantation, (and freed her slaves like 50 years prior to the civil war, not that it really makes a difference.) WON'T YOU KANDLY GET OVER YUHSELVES. The north won fair and square and you know it. You're just jealous cuz now you can't make money the cruel, unethical way.

Otherwise, Gone With The Wind was a beautifully rendered film with inspiring moments of human sacrifice and love. Great cinematography. Gorgeous dresses. Clark Gable, (swoon.) I recommend it to any of you who still haven't seen this great hollywood classic.

Also 101 fevers ruleeee like nobody's business. Sing me songs on my voicemail to make me feel better.
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